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Watershed Co. | Urban Habitat


Title: Urban Habitat: 8,000sq of living, urban fabric

Project: Ballard Seattle, WA

Firm: Watershed Co.

Summary:  The Greenfire Campus is at the center of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. While this lively village supports a vibrant, walkable community, development has negatively impacted the water quality of Puget Sound. Since the first homesteader staked his claim in Ballard 160 years ago, the ecological functions of a lush, forested, stream-covered hill have been lost through the years.

Use of stormwater tools like raingardens and detention ponds is limited by glacial till soil, underground springs, and shallow groundwater. The designers and developers of the Greenfire Campus sought to do the unthinkable: manage stormwater while restoring ecological function without using traditional methods.